Best Hacks To Success For Lazy Entrepreneurs !

Being successful as an entrepreneur is a tough job. But what if you are a lazy entrepreneur? The job gets even tougher. But still you can be very successful. So if you are a lazy entrepreneur then keep reading, because in this article we are going to give you tips to make you very successful as entrepreneur. Even if you are lazy.

Success needs hard work and entrepreneurship also requires hardwork. But we need to accept that there is a hype about hard work in entrepreneurship, because thinking of entrepreneurship, Elon Musk’s image comes in front of us, and he works more than 100 hours a week. But believe me you can be successful without working that much hard. You can take out time for fun and a good sleep too. You need to do hard work but not that much. So to be successful even after being lazy read and follow these tips below.

1. Don’t create a time table
I know that you are being said that creating a time table helps. I don’t deny this but if you are lazy person, I have something better. It's because even creating timetable would require time and hardwork.

So, when you wake up in the morning give yourself one work that is to be completed. Or you are going to spend your whole day. The most important task of the day. Focus only one that task and don’t think of doing multiple tasks, one after another.

Give your small tasks to other people, and work with deep focus on just one task. this will save you time and energy. When the work is completed then think of any other task, but not before.
2. Be friendly with partners
Being an entrepreneur requires interacting with many people and knowing them and also many meeting. But lazy people can’t remain active in formal meetings for long. But what if you are talking to a friend?
You become more active in conversation. So, make your partners your friends so that you can even do the formal work informally. It will also help you to know your team better and then you may utilise their skills precisely. Then they will also feel satisfied and happy in working for you.
3. Remember your philosophy and targets
Well, the work of top level executives in a company is less about labour but more about decisions. It’s about taking decisions for the company. Warren Buffet once said that 3 good decisions taken in a year are enough for growth. Yes, he meant it for investment. Also, 3 decisions in year might not be enough for you but definitely decisions are important.

So, always remember your targets and philosophy. This will help you a lot. Just because 90% of the choices to you are not going to help you achieve your targets or are according to philosophy. They are just vain choices to distract you and take your time. So this technique will help you eliminate those choices at first glance. In that time you can do anything else that really matters.
4. Binary beats
This step is very important to maintain focus, not only for the lazy guys, but for all. The problem of maintaining focus is serious for lazy people, because they think, when will the work get over, when can they go to sleep and more. So, this will help you a lot. Binary beats are music with no words.

Use headphones, play binary beats and then do your work. They will eliminate noises in the surrounding. Like a running tap does in the bathroom and gives you peace and time to with you only. This is one of the reasons, great ideas come in the bathroom.

So these are the few tips to increase the productivity of lazy entrepreneurs and their chances of success as well. If you liked it then please let me know and give feedback as well so that I can give you better content next time. I feel it will help you to be productive and successful in your life. My best wishes are with you.




Entrepreneur, blogger, Poet, YouTuber

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Genius Mehra

Genius Mehra

Entrepreneur, blogger, Poet, YouTuber

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